Wednesday , August 17 2022 Founder tells why was the right domain

Kristuna Misic over at interviewed Robin Weesie, founder and CEO of Exclusive. Robin discusses the business and why he chose for the project. He made mention of how so many individual influencers and YouTubers fail when they try to go with a personal website or app. Exclusive is a platform that is looking to provide Exclusive content from the world’s best creators.

Get access to exclusive content, online classes and digital services. Order personalized videos, private chat sessions, meet and greets, e-books etc.

From the article:

What was the reason to get the domain name for your brand?

As the founder of the branded payment platform (500 million annual revenue), I know how to launch a worldwide fintech platform and how important it is to have a good domain name that is easy to remember. is a premium domain, easy to remember and fits exactly what we are offering. Exclusive content.

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