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I sold 133 Domain Names Last Month on Clubhouse –

I have heard and read a real mixed bag of domain name investors who are either loving Clubhouse or loathing it… I am loving it and here is why… It’s a different way to connect with other domain name investors, the auctions are providing liquidity… I myself have sold 133 domain names in March across & and already sold 93 Domain Names this month to date…

Could I have done this over at, I don’t believe so… not knocking they have a great service but I don’t see the same sell-through success, I genuinely feel if you have a decent domain name primarily .Com and you are looking to liquidate it to another domain name investor then clubhouse is a good platform, Yes you are only getting the liquidation value i.e. a name that you could sell for low four figures, is going to sell for low three figures but if you want access to cash and don’t want to do outbound sales or wait for a sale to happen, you should be checking out the auctions to sell your domains.

On the flip side, if you are wanting to buy undervalued domain name assets, Clubhouse is offering a great opportunity to get some great names that are going to sell for a lot more in the future if you hold them or outbound them – It’s a win-win for the industry in my eyes.

Another positive is these platforms are commission-free but bear in mind, it does take time and money by those involved and I have personally been sending Buy Me A Coffee / Thank You Funds over to the teams on the back of the sales that I have made, Do I need to that No but its the right thing to do in my eyes and I would suggest you do the same also if you have been selling your domains through the teams recently.

So what you got to lose by checking out the auctions, stick in an earbud, and head on over to Clubhouse, you never know what might just pop up in an auction for a price that you weren’t expecting and if you have some domains that have been in your portfolio for a while and aren’t getting any traction head on over and list them for sale, you might be surprised with you get for them?

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