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Is Rick Schwartz planning a comeback? :DomainGang

TRAFFIC 2022 : Is Rick Schwartz planning a comeback?

Rick Schwartz

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, is rolling out successful acquisitions and sales for more than two decades.

The Targeted TRAFFIC conference founder is no longer “retired”—his break from domain investments and active duty was very short.

After plans for a second gathering of domainers in Asheville, North Carolina, fell short due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, we wondered what plan does Rick have ahead.

A recent domain registration might shed some light!

Rick Schwartz’s registration of the domain TRAFFIC2022.com in late May might indicate that Rick plans a rebirth of his legendary TRAFFIC brand, as opposed to the lowly “domainer meetup.”

In fact, Targeted TRAFFIC is a name infused with the psyche of every domain investor who has been around for a while! ?

We can’t wait to hear back from Rick, who has scheduled a Clubhouse event on June 15th. But first, on June 8th, he joins domain investor and entrepreneur, Krista Gable on her popular Clubhouse channel.

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