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Last night I was watching the Boston Bruins vs. New York Islanders NHL playoff game. Midway through the third period, I realized something. Neither the Boston Bruins nor the New York Islanders own their team name .com domain name. is owned by GoDaddy (via its NameFind portfolio company) and is owned by CCIN (Michael Castello and David Castello).

It looks like all NHL teams utilize the domain name for their websites. However, each team owns its own domain name that forwards to their NHL-based website. For instance, the Boston Bruins website can be found by navigating to and the NY Islanders website can be found by navigating to

Several years ago, I took a look at the domain names used by professional sports teams in the four major sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL). At that time, NHL teams owned the fewest number of team .com domain names at just 25.8%. I thought I would take another look at NHL team domain names to see if anything has changed with respect to team name .com domain names. Here’s what I found:

National Hockey League Teams – Do they own team name .com?
Anaheim Ducks No –
Arizona Coyotes No –
Boston Bruins No –
Buffalo Sabres Yes –
Calgary Flames No –
Carolina Hurricanes Yes –
Chicago – Yes –

Colorado Avalanche No –
Columbus Blue Jackets Yes –
Dallas Stars No –
Detroit Red Wings No –
Edmonton Oilers No –
Florida Panthers No –
Los Angeles Kings No –
Minnesota Wild Yes –
Montreal Canadiens Yes –
Nashville Predators No –
New Jersey Devils No –
New York Islanders No –
New York Rangers No – and
Ottawa Senators Yes –
Philadelphia Flyers No –
Pittsburgh Penguins No –
San Jose Sharks No –
St. Louis Blues No –
Tampa Bay Lightning No –
Toronto Maple Leafs Yes –
Vancouver Canucks Yes –
Vegas Golden No –
Washington Capitals No –
Winnipeg Jets No –

The percentage of NHL teams with their team name .com domain name changed when the Blackhawks won a UDRP for 29% of NHL teams now own their team .com domain name.

The percentage is going to change again in the near future, as an expansion team from Seattle will be playing in the NHL in the 2021-2022 season. The Seattle NHL team is called the Kraken, and the team does not own The team’s website can be found by visiting

Once the Kraken begin playing, the total percentage of NHL teams that own their team name .com domain name will be 28.1% (9 of 32 NHL teams).

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