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Yue Dai (Dai Yue) acquired :DomainGang

Yue Dai (Dai Yue) acquired

Yue Dai, Chinese domain investor

Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue) announced the acquisition of another major domain asset,

Touting the purchase as that of a single domain representing two countries—the UK and China—Yue Dai shared his latest acquisition thus:

Just bought

At a time when was becoming increasingly scarce and it was very difficult to acquire domains with good meaning and space to invest in, 2L .cn and 3L .com became investment flops.

After all, CN has more registrations than .com in China, with more than 18 million registrations.

Large companies have almost all acquired their 2L .cn, such as holding and holding!

The company that bought for $17 million initially built it on At its peak it was valued at $70 billion, and it started a search engine called (so means search in China), but I had their, and I turned down an offer of $500,000.

All in all, 2L. cn isn’t a bad place to be in China, where there are 4,000 companies and a billion Internet users.

That last part is amazing: One billion internet users in China! ?

Yue Dai has also acquired the domain and is looking for global partners to build an international real estate business.

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