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Attempt to steal my domains at NetSol last December :DomainGang

Matt Tolle : Attempt to steal my domains at NetSol last December

Matt Tolle is the owner of and a few other domains that were targeted by cybercriminals recently.

Last December, there was an attempt to steal and others from his NetSol account.

Mr. Tolle operates and the cybercriminal registered to trick the NetSol support personnel. looks like when the double “i” is capitalized.

Said Matt Tolle on NamePros:

Hello. I’m Matt Tolle owner of and a few other domains. Yes someone tried to steal my domains back on December using the domain. They have since been changed back to the correct contact email under MATTTOLLE.COM and are locked from transfer at network solutions. Sorry about the “all the money” response. I get a ton of “Hi, how much is this domain?” requests from fishers looking for a smoking deal.

I appreciate everyones interest and help in this matter but I think everything is currently locked down.

Meanwhile, the person who attempted to sell and others in a NamePros thread is currently restricted from using the NamePros marketplace.

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