Thursday , June 1 2023

June .ai auctions led by

First day of June .ai auctions at showed some names that sold for the second time for a lot more than the first go round.

In total there were 109 sales, with 38 closing at $1,000 or more. was the top close at $8,155. was third, this name sold for $100 in 2019. Dropped again and it goes for $6,205. $100 two years ago, this time around $6,005. $110 two years ago, not it closes at $2,205.

Top 10 8,155 USD 2021-06-07 7,509 USD 2021-06-07 6,205 USD 2021-06-07 6,005 USD 2021-06-07 4,727 USD 2021-06-07 4,010 USD 2021-06-07 4,010 USD 2021-06-07 2,976 USD 2021-06-07 2,775 USD 2021-06-07 2,445 USD 2021-06-07

Here is a look at .ai domain name sales in May.

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