Thursday , June 8 2023

Rick Schwartz to Open Clubhouse Room

A few days ago, Rick Schwartz announced that he will be opening a room on Clubhouse. Dubbed “Domain King,” Rick’s Clubhouse room will become a place for Rick to share insight about domain names. The Clubhouse room will open in one week from today (Tuesday, June 15):

Rick stated his goal is to have 1,000 members who participate in the room, and he is now up to 650 people who have signed up. I do not know if there will be an agenda for Rick’s Clubhouse room, nor do I know how often Rick will open his room for discussion.

Rick has been a pioneer in the domain investing business. He founded the TRAFFIC conference, owns a portfolio of valuable domain names, and he has some of the largest reported domain name sales of all-time.

For many years, Rick has aggressively promoted the value of domain names – both in terms of investment value and value to businesses. He has many stories to share, and I am sure his Clubhouse room will be a big hit in the domain investment Clubhouse community.

Rick will also be participating in a Clubhouse room today with Krista Gable at 1pm:

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