Wednesday , March 29 2023

Rick Schwartz wins greatest domain investor of all time

Rick Schwartz

The results of our poll for greatest domain investor of all time are in. The poll was also conducted on Namepros to see how different audiences view the best. Rick Schwartz won going away at both sites.

Rick took 24% of the vote here at and 32.7% at Namepros. Frank Schilling took second at Namepros. Frank was behind both Mike Carson and Andrew Rosener at TheDomains. They tied for second with 20 votes. The reasons why you will see some others added on Namepros was due to the mods adding some names that I did not.

Of course there are many schools of thought, someone said it should be done by different eras, others felt compare newcomers to newcomers. We might in the future. This poll was all time and based off domain investing.

The top 3 in 2014

Frank Schilling (31%, 77 Votes)

Yun Ye (17%, 43 Votes)

Rick Schwartz (11%, 27 Votes)

TheDomains results: 174 votes

Mike Carson 20
Frank Schilling 16
Rick Schwartz 41
Mike Berkens 0
Mike Mann 6
Nat Cohen 3
Andrew Rosener 20
Yun Ye 9
Garry Chernoff 1
Adam Dicker 15
George Kirikos 3
Marc Ostrofsky 0
Mike Zapolin 1
Thunayan Al-Ghanim (FMA) 0
David and Michael Castello 1
Igal Lichtman (Mrs.Jello) 0
Scott Day 3 3
Chris Chena 0
James Booth 4
Andy Booth 1
Brent Oxley 4
Hiren Patel 9
Kevin Ham 4
Greg McLemore (Web Magic) 2
Other (leave a comment to the choice)8

Namepros results 281 votes:

Mike Carson 5
Frank Schilling 35
Rick Schwartz 92 votes 32.7%
Mike Berkens 2
Mike Mann 15
Nat Cohen 2
Andrew Rosener 18
Yun Ye 12
Garry Chernoff 0
Adam Dicker 6
George Kirikos 2
Marc Ostrofsky 0
Mike Zapolin 1
Thunayan Al-Ghanim (FMA)4
David and Michael Castello 0
Igal Lichtman (Mrs.Jello) 2
Scott Day 1 3
Chris Chena 0
James Booth 6
Andy Booth 0
Brent Oxley 9
Hiren Patel 8
Greg McLemore (Web Magic)0
Kevin Ham 8
Braden Pollock 5
Jay Chapman 1
Bob Parsons 6
Reberry Brothers (Andrew Reberry & Jeff Reberry) 6

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