Thursday , August 11 2022

Network Solutions Showing Pending Transfer Domains as “Redemption”

Network Solutions has a pretty glaring bug that needs to be addressed. Ordinarily, I would simply report the bug in private and hope it gets fixed, but in this case, I am going to highlight the issue. I want to make sure that others who see this will know it’s not just them and hopefully just a bug that is being addressed.

Earlier this week, I started a transfer of 17 domain names from Network Solutions to GoDaddy. These domain names were all won at NameJet, and I consolidate my portfolio at GoDaddy every few months. The transfers were started, and I approved and confirmed the transfers when I received the email.

This afternoon, I logged in to my Network Solutions account, and I see 7 domain names show a status of “Redemption.” Clicking the VoteOfConfidence domain name, which doesn’t expire until April 4, 2022, brings up the following message on the individual domain name management page:

“Your Domain Name is expired.
Your domain name is in redemption period and will soon be deleted. Please contact customer service at 1-866-908-3442 for assistance with redeeming your domain name. Learn more about renewal timelines and fees.”

6 of the 7 domain names are pending transfer, and 1 of the domain names is actually in Redemption status because I no longer want it.

I am nearly certain this is a bug. None of the 6 domain names are set to expire soon, so there is no reason for them to be in this status. However, on the off-chance this is a Network Solutions error and these domain names are slated to be deleted, this blog post will serve as the notice I provided Network Solutions of the error prior to deletion.

In reality, I would imagine this is just a weird glitch that can be fixed relatively quickly. I have dealt with Network Solutions enough to know that things like this can happen. Hopefully it is fixed quickly.

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