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The top reported sale by extension

Top reported domain name sale by extension

In this series of posts we are taking a look at the highest reported domain name sale in every extension. Todays post looks at extensions that start with the letters A and B.

It’s interesting to note only 12 of the 62 names are developed. Another 9 are used as redirects.

Extension Name Price Usage
.Ac $20,000 DAN lander
.Academy Khan.Academy $29,000 Dropped/Reregged
.Accountant COACHREG.ACCOUNTANT $190 Does not resolve
.Ae TV.a $95,000 Developed
.Aero $5,107 Dropped/Reregged
.Af $3,500 Not in use
.Africa $6,000 Not in use
.Ag $60,000 inactive
.Agency Travel.Agency $9,999 For Sale
.Ai $107,495 Developed
.AL $50,000 inactive
.Am $169,000 Redirect
.Amsterdam MAPS.AMSTERDAM $8,540 forbidden access
.Apartments $136 For Sale
.App $200,000 Developed
.Ar EVOLUTION.AR $2,500 Not in use
.Archi S.ARCHI $6,312 inactive
.Art $12,500 Developed
.As $3,500 inactive
.Asia $30,000 inactive
.Associates $110 inactive
.At $590,949 Developed
.Attorney PERSONALINJURY.ATTORNEY $60,000 Developed
.Auction Names.Auction $250 For sale
.Audio $15,000 inactive
.Auto $2,250 inactive
.Az BOOKING.AZ $1,050 redirect
.Ba $8,000 registrar page
.Baby $10,000 For sale
.Band $2,877 Developed
.Bar $293 Parked
.Bayern KULTURGUT.BAYERN $2,263 Redirect
.BB $2,500 inactive
.Be PERFECTOS.BE $51,270 Redirect
.Beer $2,500 inactive
.Berlin JOBBOERSE.BERLIN $10,880 Redirect
.Best BTVSPORTS.BEST $3,261 Parked
.Bet $20,500 For sale
.Bg $7,000 inactive
.Bi $900 For Sale
.Bid $3,500 inactive
.Bike $5,651 inactive
.Bingo $6,100 Resold in 2018 for $410
.Bio $61,002 Redirect
.Biz e.Biz $66,001 inactive
.Black im.Black $5,200 Developed
.Blackfriday AERO.BLACKFRIDAY $250 inactive
.Blog $7,877 inactive
.Blue $5,200 Parked
.Bm ENTERPRISE.BM $1,200 Redirect
.Bo JUEGOS.BO $6,200 For sale
.Boutique ONE.BOUTIQUE $7,874 Parked
.Br VANTAGENS.BR $2,190 inactive GOV.BR.COM $2,100 Redirect
.Broker $3,000 Redirect
.Brussels $337 Developed
.Bs $3,600 inactive
.Build $2,079 Uniregistry lander
.Business KOELN.BUSINESS $6,738 Developed
.Buzz $20,501 Developed
.By $4,000 Developed
.Bz SCI-HUB.BZ $5,006 Parked

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to, and by, reliable sources.

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