Friday , June 2 2023

From OneWord.Domains to with Steven Tey » Kickstart Commerce

Very few people realize consistent, profitable success when entering into the domain industry, specifically domain investing.

And even fewer persons can greatly capitalize and realize substantial reward developing services, tools, and platforms for domain investors to use.

The list is few in comparison to the number of domain investors that have come and gone their way, as well as the current domain investing ecosystem.

Today’s guest, Steven Tey, accidentally stumbled into success carving out a niche targeting domain investors and startups searching for invaluable one-word domains via a no-code prototype and website: OneWord.Domains.

In a recent conversation, Steven graciously shares how and what led to the birth of OneWord.Domains — a simple prototype of the top 10,000 most commonly used English words paired with popular non .com domain extensions.

Steven also gives play-by-play about the lighting-in-a-bottle moment of OneWord.Domains going viral via ProductHunt and Hacker News.

And if that wasn’t enough, Steven discusses how he used OneWord.Domains to discover, launch, and unveil his next business ideas, and

So hit play and listen as Steven and I discuss how he intersected the worlds of branding and data science to forge a lucrative and profitable path of his own. Enjoy!


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