Tuesday , March 21 2023

Alan Dunn Shifting Energy from Domains to NFTs

Alan Dunn is a long-time domain investor and domain broker, and I trust his insights when it comes to the business of domain names. Take a look at Alan’s Twitter feed, and you will see he has become active in the NFT space. I have learned more about NFT projects from reading Alan’s Twitter feed than anywhere else.

Over the holiday weekend, Alan posted a Twitter thread explaining why his focus has shifted from domain names to NFTs for personal investments. Quite a few other domain investors I know have shifted some level of focus to NFTs, so I think seeing this perspective helps me understand what’s up:

I haven’t bought a single NFT nor have I owned any cryptocurrency for that matter either. I like and display art at my home, but I can’t get into the digital art for some reason. I appreciate it and think some projects (like Bored apes) look unique and fun, but I am not moved from observer to owner.

My knowledge-base and expertise is limited to domain names. While I have enough dry powder, I don’t feel comfortable using it on alternative investments like these. I have enough traditional investment alternatives to keep me diversified.

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