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Most of these IDNs are declining

Kassey Lee examines how these IDNs have performed since the beginning of last year.

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I wrote about the Chinese IDN extensions in January 2020. Now, about one and half years later, it’s time to check-in and see how they’re faring.

I used to find the number of domain registrations for each of the Top 10 Chinese IDN extensions as of June 2021:

.网址 (web address), .手机 (mobile phone), .公司 (company), .在线 (online), .商标 (trademark), .商城 (mall), .网络 (network), .我爱你 (i love you), .网店 (web shop), .中文网 (Chinese web)

For the 2020 figures, I copied them from my last article mentioned earlier. Here’s the list.

Rank Extension 2020 2021
1 网址 176,133 101,481
2 手机 32,741 32,741
3 公司 37,364 32,014
4 在线 27,375 22,763
5 商标 27,498 22,631
6 商城 21,700 21,820
7 网络 24,953 21,601
8 我爱你 15,979 14,054
9 网店 4,706 4,739
10 中文网 2,917 2,760

Look at the best extension .网址 (web address). It peaked at 380,000 domains in 2015. Since then, it’s been on a downward trend. Compared with last year’s figure, it has dropped a whopping 42%. Registration numbers for each of the remaining 9 extensions are tiny at fewer than 30,000 domains, and many have gone backward.

It’s been over 5 years since the new Chinese IDN extensions were launched, but the numbers are very discouraging. The future for Chinese IDN extensions is not bright at all.

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