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Whois XML Api a company that dominates the aftermarket for domain names has amassed a portfolio of 4,062,803 domain names as today… This figure moves every day… The company has slowly been building its portfolio for over 16 years, starting 2005 with only 8,000 Domain Names Listed For Sale on until today where the current nameservers reflect that massive number of domains associated with them.

The company rarely publishes domain names sales but must be completing many every day to afford the huge bills that must be generated from their domain name registration fees if we just do the simple maths of $8 per registration, they need to turn over $32 Million USD Dollars in sales each year just to cover registrations fees.

Then you have all the associated overheads with running this business wage bill, taxes, processing fees, and let’s not forget the acquisition costs not all of their domain name inventory are dropped hand registered domain names, often they are bidding in auctions to secure these domain names.

I believe they must be making sales around $1 Million USD or more per week to continue this business model, while I have zero evidence to back that up, just common sense would assume they would be hoping to carry out a figure around this amount…

If you look at a few average selling prices this would give an idea of the number of sales they would need to carry out if it was as high as $1 Million Dollars per week and of course it could be much lower or much higher we just don’t actually know…

$5K AVG – 200 Domain Names per week.

$3K AVG – 333 Domain Names per week.

$2.5K AVG – 400 Domain Names per week.

$1.5K AVG – 666 Domains Names per week.

$1K AVG – 1000 Domain Names per week.

What do you believe is their turnover in sales each week… Is it higher or lower than my estimate of $1 Million USD?

What do you believe is their Average Selling Price per domain name each week?

I am not sure how the business is fully structured as the ultimate parent company of is TurnCommerce Inc who also operates & again these entities must be generating millions of dollars in sales too for TurnCommerce Inc from the domain name community alone.

This graph here gives you an idea about the seismic growth of the portfolio but only dates back to 2013, however, check out the screengrabs in time over the past 16 years below…

So how did I know about them starting with 8,000 Domain Names, it’s here from an early screengrab courtesy of back in early 2006 and I have subsequently grabbed a few screengrabs over the years for you to review the changes… – 2006 – 8,500 Domain Names For Sale – 2007 – 15,500 Domain Names For Sale. – 2008  – 25,500  Domain Names For Sale – 2009 – 80,000 Domain Names For Sale – 2014 – 350,000 Domain Names For Sale – 2021 – 4,000,000+ Domain Names For Sale

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