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Location and Date Set for ICA Meetup in September

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) announced a members-only meet up to be held in Las Vegas this September. The date and location for this event has been finalized by the ICA. The event will be held at the Green Valley Ranch resort September 19 – 21, 2021. According to Google Maps, Green Valley Ranch appears to be a short drive from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

While the event is only open to ICA members, it is simple to sign up and become a member of this domain investing trade organization. New members are permitted to attend as well, presumably if they sign up for a membership in advance.

Kamila Sekiewicz, Executive Director of the ICA, shared the following information about the event this morning:

“As mentioned, there is no cost to attend the meet-up itself. You are responsible for all your travel costs and expenses incurred while here, though thanks to the generosity of our sponsors GoDaddy, Dynadot, and Zak, you’ll be happy to know some of those costs will be offset by their sponsorships!

We are organizing a fun event that will combine sessions, member meetings, social activities, and networking opportunities. Some members already offered to help organize activities such as sports sessions. We are getting people together in one spot, but what the attendees do is largely up to you all, so feel free to take the initiative to create some fun!

The meet-up will start Sunday morning (September 19th), but we understand many of you might not be arriving until Sunday evening, so we will keep the day activities light and optional. The official kick-off will be Sunday evening, with an opening reception sponsored by our member, Dynadot! We’ll plan a full day of activities, sessions, and networking on Monday, with a lunch sponsored by our very own Zak Muscovitch. The day will end with ICA’s 15th Anniversary Dinner sponsored by GoDaddy! Tuesday will officially end with a late breakfast, keeping in mind that many of you might need to leave Tuesday morning. However, if enough attendees remain on Tuesday, we’ll plan additional things for us to do.”

I originally had not planned to attend, but my wife is encouraging me to go, so I am sort of on the fence right now. Given the Covid situation, I would suggest people purchase travel insurance in case the event can not be held for some reason. If I end up going, I will be purchasing insurance just in case.

If you have any questions about the event and attending the event, reach out directly to Kamila.

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