Wednesday , March 29 2023

New #domainer conference for big @@ers :DomainGang

Studvention: New #domainer conference for big @@ers

If you’re hung like a horse and own domain names, Studvention is coming!

Rick Schwartz‘s secret domain conference for big @@ers is around the corner, to be launched from two domains, and

“Folks, why hide your family jewels, be proud of what you got and swing by for a fun party among other big-game domainers,” said Rick Schwartz earlier today.

“I am finally putting to good use after I turned down with a flat “No” about 240 offers totaling $1.2 billion dollars,” said the Domain King, adding: “My logo shows exactly what we’ll be doing here, pay attention!”

If you have some big domains to swing with, let Rick know.

Ladies, you’re very much welcome.

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