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The domain name ltp.com has expired, registered since 1998, and currently, with domain name registrar Register.com

The domain name shall surely be grabbed by one of the domain name auction houses GoDaddy, NameJet, SnapNames, DropCatch, and then auctioned off to the highest bidder which will see a Five Figure Sale for sure…

The domain name appears to have been first registered back in 1996 by Legacy Tuning Products, LLC screenshot below back in 1997…

The domain name however must have expired and dropped as it was then registered in 1998 and redirected to the website VACareers.com

Then in 2003 we can see that the domain name may have changed ownership as it was being used by LTPTrade.Net Limited

In 2008 LTP Trade Limited had updated the website and appears to have still been in their ownership.

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Content Resumes…

In 2012 LTP Trade Limited website hadn’t changed much but added some additional content and appear at that time still to be under their ownership.

However later in 2012, the domain name stopped hosting the website LTP Trade Limited and began redirecting instead to DigitalTrust.IT at this time we are unsure if it was sold, expired, and acquired but that appears to be the final time it hosts content to LTP Trade Limited and then continues to redirect for many years. DigitalTrust.IT

Fast forward to July 2015 and the domain name still redirects to an Italian website however this time it is called Primautore.it


Then we reach the last and final screenshot and record of LTP.com in 2020 where it is parked back at Register.com hosting their parking page, where it has smartly been monetizing based on historic backlink traffic to the trading market as this appears to have been the longest use of LTP.com for LTP Trade Limited.

Register.com Parking Page - Trading

After carrying out some additional research on LTP Trade Limited according to companies house in the UK, the company was dissolved in 2012, so this makes sense and ties in with why the domain name stopped hosting content related to them, also interesting enough a director in the business is Italian Luigi Maria LA FERLA so this could also explain why the domain name was then forward to Italian domain name servers.

We will never know exactly why this domain name is now dropping after nearly 23 years of being registered but it’s going to sell that’s for sure.

These are the recently reported LLL.com (Three Letter Dot Com) recorded domain name sale prices in 2021 below, courtesy of NameBio.com so where do you think this domain name shall close and will you be bidding?

Three Letter Dot Com Domain Sales

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