Friday , June 2 2023 is currently a stolen #domain name :DomainGang

Warning: is currently a stolen #domain name

The domain name has been stolen from its legitimate owners, and is currently in the possession of the Greenberg & Lieberman law firm.

The thief appears to be from Montenegro; the sale to domain investor, James Booth, was halted once information emerged about the status of James delivered the domain to Greenberg & Lieberman as a neutral keeper, until it’s returned to its legitimate owners.

How was, a former asset of Crowdtilt, stolen?

Apparently, the thief actually paid $17,000 dollars to acquire on Afternic. That domain controlled via the email address [email protected].

It’s a known method of domain hijacking that cybercriminals use in order to take over valuable domain names.

We will update this post with new details as they become available.

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