Thursday , August 11 2022 sold for $168,000

Usually it’s quiet sales wise on a Saturday in the summer. But it looks like sold for $168,000. The domain name was previously sold for $13,000 at Snapnames in 2005.

There is website up at


The world’s first algorithmic trading platform for commerce.  An open market solution, merging well proven efficiencies of stock markets with e-commerce.  

No more trawling through online auctions, reverse auctions, fixed price stores, or price comparison websites. can do it all in one seamless process, and in realtime.’s patented ‘Ai’ technology can negotiate between any number of counter-parties simultaneously, and by selecting any variation of options; you can always do the best deal in the marketplace, for exactly what you want to buy or sell, without compromise.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller making deals will never be easier. This is beyond compare, the most advanced dynamic pricing technology ever, right here at your fingertips.

     there’s only one real dealmaker, and that’s at

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