Monday , August 15 2022

First Look at the Logo

Rick Schwartz recently announced he would open a domain brokerage. He later revealed he would be using, a domain name he has owned for many years. Over the past few days, Rick has been sharing more details about how will work:

At the moment, still shows a framed redirect to Rick’s website, but Rick shared what appears to be the logo for in a tweet this morning:

When Rick shared a general outline for the brokerage, I was under the impression that STUD would be used as a domain name related acronym. It’s quite likely that will still be the case. However, the imagery of a horse and horse shoe plays more into the equine relationship than domain names. The “we breed domain names” punny tagline connects the equine definition of the term with domain names.

Rick has been sharing more information about on Twitter, and he has also been answering questions.

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