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#DropCatch user begs domainer community to let him win “one damn domain” :DomainGang

#DropCatch user begs domainer community to let him win “one damn domain”

It must be hard being a sore loser, and Stan Gambino knows that all too well. The domain investor from New Mexico has yet to win a single domain auction at DropCatch, the quintessential drop-catching service.

“I bid on domains no-one should be bidding on, just to get a win but nothing works! I’ve bid $300 on 12-digit domains and $800 on .org keywords that mean something obscure in Swahili. No chance ever for a .com! I lose the DropCatch auction every damn time!” exclaims Gambino.

Facing competition from fellow domain investors, affectionately known as “domainers,” Stan Gambino is now changing his approach, from competition to camaraderie.

“Please guys, let me win one damn domain auction on DropCatch, it’s good for the peace of my soul,” says Gambino, adding: “Look, I promise not to bid again after I get that brandable .com of my choice for one damn time, can you do me a favor please?”

Gambino’s plea was met with enthusiastic responses at DNForum, with users relinquishing their bids for the rest of the week, so that Gambino can go ahead and bid uninterrupted.

However, as DropCatch auctions are open to the public, there’s no warranty that AhmetHashish Rahajani won’t be kicking Gambino’s ass.

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