Tuesday , March 21 2023

Ghost Records Still Exist at Network Solutions

Domain names in my Network Solutions account show a status of “Pending Transfer” even though they transferred to GoDaddy.

More than two years ago, I wrote about the problem of ghost records at Network Solutions. Although the back-end and control panel at Network Solutions seems to have been updated and possibly modernized since I wrote the article, the problem of ghost records in my Network Solutions account still persists.

For those who are unaware, a “ghost record” is when a domain name appears to exist in an account at a domain registrar after it was already removed from the account due to an expiration or transfer. At best, these records are more of an annoyance than anything else, cluttering an account with domain names that do not exist there.

I maintain a fairly small account at Network Solutions that has domain names I won at NameJet that have not yet been transferred to GoDaddy. Several times a year, I transfer small groups of domain names to my primary account at GoDaddy. I transferred a bunch of names to GoDaddy in June, and I received confirmation of the completed transfer on June 23.

A look at my Network Solutions account would seem to indicate otherwise:

You can have a look at Whois records for these three domain names to confirm they are not pending transfer but moved to GoDaddy over a month ago. A look in my Network Solutions account would indicate that they are still at Network Solutions awaiting the completion of my transfer to GoDaddy.

Hopefully Newfold Digital dedicates some resources to getting this issue fixed at Network Solutions and possibly other registrars within the Web.com family of registrars. I don’t know of other registrars that still haven’t figured out the problem of ghost records, but hopefully Network Solutions is able to tackle it.

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