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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Kassey Lee examines the domain names these startups selected.

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No, they are not the things that I found on the day I married my wife, but the domains used by leading Chinese startups featured in a TechCrunch story about the new trend of faux meat.

These startups are a new generation of end users in China. So, what domains do they like to acquire? Is their preference different from the previous generations? Look at what I have found.

Startup Domain .cn Comment
Green Monday For sale GreenMonday .com for sale
Starfield Not resolve Starfield .com developed (3rd party)
Hey Maet Not resolve
Vesta Developed (3rd party) Vesta .com developed (3rd party)
Haofood Not resolve Haofood .com not resolve
ZhenMeat Not resolve

Something New
New is (1) the trend of eating meatless burgers and (2) startups founded only recently. They can tell you what domains the new generation of end users in China want.

Something Old
Old is the extension loved by the new generation of end users in China. Four of the six startups still prefer .com, which is more than 35 years old. Also, they still like English-based domains.

Something Borrowed
Borrowed is the American idea that .com means big, global, prestigious, and trustworthy. Therefore, Chinese end users prefer .com over .cn when building their corporate websites.

Something Blue
Blue is sad that (1) many end users still do not observe the brand-matching rule (e.g., Starfield not using and (2) they don’t secure their .cn domains for brand protection.

While this wedding tradition may not catch on in China, the love for .com by Chinese companies will likely continue for a long time unless changed by new regulations. Also, an opportunity lies in selling domains as upgrades to Chinese companies.

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