Thursday , December 8 2022

Low ball domain name offer turns into $10,000 sale

Low Ball domain offers

A lot of people get pissed off by low ball offers, $100 offers for many go in the trash with no reply. Depending on the name that might seem ok, $100 offer on is mental masturbation. But many get upset by low balls on a two or three word name.

Keith Trost of fame, posted earlier today that he turned ShopBTC $100 offer to $10,000 sale. Keith mentioned the initial offer was $100 and then $2,000 and then closing at $10,000.

He held the name for approximately three years and paid $2,000.

The name was registered and dropped in the past. It was registered back in 1998, not for Bitcoin obviously as it wasn’t invented.

It was owned by a mall, What better place to shop than Brandon TownCenter. Source

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