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No Limit Creatives Upgrades to

No Limit Creatives is a graphic and video design firm that was founded in 2018. The company uses the NLC acronym in its marketing efforts, and it has used the domain name for its web presence. In early July, No Limit Creatives acquired Shortly thereafter, it began using for its website.

While the price of the domain name will remain private, I can say it was acquired for six figures. The domain name was acquired via GoDaddy. Brian Winegar, a Partner Sales Executive at GoDaddy, was the broker who negotiated the deal to its conclusion.

Jeff Minnichbach, Founder of No Limit Creatives, shared his rationale for the acquisition and upgrade:

“Many people refer to us as “NLC” and we wanted to be found with that acronym as well. We also have NLC in our logo and saw a lot of opportunities to use the 3 letters to create a stronger brand awareness and new marketing opportunities. Plus, it would allow us to have the shortest and easiest domain to remember in our space today.”

Prior to the sale of, my company owned this 3 letter .com domain name. It was one of two 3 letter .com domain names my company owned at the time. Since acquiring the domain name, my company had turned down many substantial offers to buy it. In fact, I can share that there was a parallel negotiation for the domain name via Given the timing and offers, I thought these two parties might be related but my assumption was incorrect.

I think the price No Limit Creatives paid to acquire the domain name was fair given its value, and I am happy to see it being used so soon after the acquisition. was a nice upgrade, and the company acquired it just in time.

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