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Why a worldwide friend network helps with domain investing

Having connections around the world helps with domain investing.

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I always remember the kindness of an American friend who mailed me a $500 check when I was low in money while studying in the USA. Friendship is a treasure, and it is also helpful in business. If you invest in the international domain market, it helps to have friends around the world. I can remember at least two cases where friendship helped.

Quite a while ago, a domain investor asked me whether sales landers from a certain vendor were blocked in China. So, I contacted an entrepreneur/domain investor in Beijing and he sent me back screenshots of the sales landers taken from PCs and mobile phones at several locations within China. As a result, I was able to confirm on the same day to the investor that the sales landers were accessible from within China.

Recently, I talked to a friend working at a domain company in Shenzhen and I was alerted to the situation where the government is very strict in confirming the status of a non-profit organization in China. That tip led me to the discovery that domain registrar Aliyun actually has placed a warning on the registration page of .org domains. As a result, I was able to write the article “The problem with selling .org domains to Chinese entities“.

These two small examples illustrate how helpful it is if we have domain friends around the world when investing in the global domain market. How can we develop such friendship? LinkedIn is a good place to begin. As far as I know, it is the only social network from the west that is allowed in China. In a way, LinkedIn acts as a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

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