Thursday , August 11 2022

GoDaddy’s loss on is NameJet’s gain was owned by Time Inc Uk Ltd. and registered at Enom. The domain name was allowed to expire and closed at $55,001 at GoDaddy auctions. One problem, GoDaddy did not collect the $55,001.

The domain name was allowed to drop and it was caught at NameJet and closed today for $41,000.

I don’t get GoDaddy on this one, keep going down the line like Paul Nicks had mentioned before that they normally do. You know someone is going to pay for the domain name.

Last year around this time Paul said:


@PaulENicksAug 21 We go down the list of bidders, if all back out then we let it drop just like a name that no one bids on.

Joe Styler posted on Namepros that they do not do that with every auction.

GoDaddy Auctions

I realize GoDaddy is a large company and $55,000 is a rounding error, but I think domain investors and stock investors would like them to collect $55,000 especially on a

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