Thursday , June 1 2023 1 of 26 same repeating sells for $50,000

Scarcity, one of the driving factors behind NFT’s is also at play in the domain name market. Domain names have a lot in common with NFT’s. They are unique, as well as being non fungible. There are 17,576 domain names available, (26x26x26=17,576). But there are only 26 three letter .com domain names that are the same repeating letter.

One such name traded on Sunday, went for $50,000 at Flippa. Previously only five other names of this kind have changed hands. $85,000 at Sedo in March of 2011. actually changed hands twice. $16,000 at Sedo in January of 2009 and flipped 10 months later at Sedo for $48,500. $290,000 at in April of 2015. $136,400 at NameJet in March of 2015. $45,444 at Sedo in August of 2010.

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