Thursday , March 30 2023

Finding The Flame Buying and Selling Domains with Dennis Tinerino » Kickstart Commerce

Domain investor. Domain Developer. Domain Publisher/Editor. Famous Bodybuilder.

And one of these things is not like the other. Can you guess which one?

Of course, it’s the Famous Bodybuilder. While at surface level it doesn’t have much, if anything, to do with the type of domain professional, the name of today’s podcast guest is often confused in a name for all four.

As the son of hall of fame bodybuilder and 4-time Mr. Universe, Mr. America, Mr. Natural America, and Mr. World, Dennis Tinerino is sculpting a body of work in the domain industry as his father, his namesake, once did a professional bodybuilder for over 3 decades.

While the senior Tinerino made a name for himself pumping iron and sculpting his body, the junior Tinerino is realizing success buying, selling, and developing domains.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dennis and his Domain Smoke brand have become a household name amongst the domain industry professionals with his daily newsletter: Dennis shares the backstory to starting the newsletter, and how he’s helping to educate and level up the next generation of domain investors.

In a recent podcast, Dennis graciously shares how familial roots and a career in sales landed him in the crosshairs of domain investing and development. Dennis then shares why he chose to focus on hand-regging domains as well as developing domains in the web directory communities.

We also chat about portfolio size and hygiene, and the types of domains Dennis has found success investing in, like ccTLDs, and strategies where he’s realized substantial failure, like investing and developing new gTLDs.



And last but not least, Dennis has 3 exclusive domain offerings by way of a digital scavenger hunt as well as a FREE FOR ALL domain investing resource to all listeners… so tune in all the way to the end for more details (or check the image below).

Find the flame, and search Domain Smoke to find the flame and claim the prizes below:

1. Domain Outbound Marketing by Yogi Solanki & the following domain name:
2. Domain Investing Playbook by Alex Verdea & the following domain name:

FREE GIFT For All: How To Get Started In Domain Names by Darryl Lopes. Get free coupon code!

Found a Flame? Send a screenshot to [email protected] to claim your prize. - Find The Flame Domain Game!

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