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These 43 two letter .com domains are used by Chinese companies

Kassey Lee examined all 676 two letter .com combos to see how many are used by Chinese companies.

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A lot of 2L .com domains have moved to China, but how many of them are actually put to use?

To answer this question, I generated a list of 676 two-letter .com domains. (676 is the maximum number of two-letter domains possible.) I visited each domain and checked its contents. I also checked if the domain is used as an acronym.

In my final list, I have excluded end users obviously located outside China, such as DF.com (Digital Future) and JU.com (聚币) in Singapore. Below is the list.

Domain End user Acronym Application
AK.com AK n Games
BL.com Bai Lian (百联) y Shopping
CH.com Chun Qiu (春秋) n Travel
CY.com Chang You (畅游) y Games
EQ.com Yi Kong (易控) n Autos
EV.com Electric Vehicle (电动汽车观察家) y Autos
GG.com GG Games n Games
GZ.com Ming Yang (名扬由) n Domains
HG.com Wan Jia Huan Gou (万嘉欢购) y Wines
IQ.com Ai Qi Yi (爱奇艺) n Videos
JD.com Jing Dong (京东) y eCommerce
JK.com Jiu Zhou Tong Jian Kang (九州通健康) y Shopping
KE.com Bei Ke (贝壳) n Real estate
KK.com Duo Ku (多酷) n Games
KM.com Qi Mao (七猫) n Videos
LE.com Le Shi (乐视) n TV
LT.com Le Tou (乐投) y Games & lottery
LU.com Lu Jin Suo (陆金所) n Finance
LY.com Tong Cheng (同程) n Travel
MI.com Xiao Mi (小米) n Smartphones
NN.com Qian Kuan (千款) n Games
OD.com OD (OD体育) n Sports betting
PT.com Players Times (玩家时代) y Games?
QQ.com Teng Xun Wang (腾讯网) n News
QX.com Qi Xin (齐心) y Shopping
RO.com Xian Jing Chuan Shuo (仙境传说) n Games
SO.com 360 Sou Suo (360搜索) n Search engine
UB.com UnitedBitcoin(比特联储) y Crypto
VX.com Wei Xiao Wang (微小网) n Design plans
WJ.com Wan Jia (玩家) y Games to launch?
WQ.com Wan Qian (万千) y Shopping
XA.com Ji Fei (极飞) n Drones
XD.com Xin Dong (心动) y Games
XF.com Xian Feng (仙峰) y Games
XQ.com Xin Qi (新奇) y Blog
XT.com XT n Crypto
XZ.com XZ.COM n Domain registrar
YW.com Yun Wei (运维) y Internet services
YY.com Jin Hong (津虹) n Videos
ZG.com ZG.COM n Crypto
ZI.com Zi Li Hang Jian (字里行间) n Chinese fonts
ZJ.com Zhe Jiang(浙江) y Ze Jiang news
ZY.com Zhuo Yue (卓越) y Education

There are 43 domains developed into Chinese websites, which represents only 6% of the 676 domains. Less than half (42%) are acronyms and many of them represent 2-pin names, such as BL.com for Bai Lian (百联), CY.com for Chang You (畅游), and JD.com for Jing Dong (京东).

I highlight 2L and 2-pin here because of their special place in corporate China, as described in “What’s 2-pin and why does it matter for domain investing?“.

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