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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, October 17th , 2021

I brokered a domain name recently which I hardly ever do. I have 100% success rate in the dozen or so I’ve done over the last decade because when people ask, they usually come to me with a lead that they’d rather have me work. I don’t have a lot of time to outbound a name so if that’s the expectation then I won’t be able to help. But when the name has a lead I’ll take it although like I said, I believe I’ve closed every one of them. Why don’t they just do it themselves? Usually its they have no idea what to ask or really just don’t enjoy the negotiation part. Feeling that my 15% will usually be paid for by my getting at least 15% more than they would have asked or gotten. In this case its a Meta name. A great name that probably would have eventually sold either way. The person that asked I had never met but he was familiar with me through this blog and on Sherpa. So he felt he knew me and realistically he does with as much as I’ve shared over the years. I don’t know him but I see the name and the lead and tell him I’d handle it.

I got his thread of previous correspondence to this point and its not great. Actually he said all the wrong things but we all had to become good negotiators so it’s all part of the learning curve. It made it a bit more difficult but I could see they really wanted the name. The result was a sale for more than he expected and honestly probably less than what the buyer was willing to pay. The best part is everyone was great to work with and great communication. That’s where I’m pretty good. I am good at communicating why this is valuable and why it should be to them. I am not giving them a course but a conversation that exudes we ARE willing to sell but we are going to get close to a price that we want. It’s our asset and we get to determine price. Willing to negotiate but within reason. I’ve gotten lucky that the buyers were ready to move and our numbers were in their wheelhouse. I don’t see myself brokering anything soon but it was nice to work someone else’s assets and see what I can do. I had just closed my own that day so I was feeling confident and maybe that came across in my negotiations.

Domain of the Day: Big big name. Looking like another 25K auction name.

Quote of the day:

Click on any of the links to see current price Names at Auction “our fund can do magic” Hugs and kisses Not sure if you heard but the apple doesn’t fall very far from here THE movement in blockchain right now Sticky name

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Could hit $1K here Good fintech catch for Looks like this one is going to meet reserve I think this one gets sold AFTER the auction in a post auction deal Reserve was below $100 and was easily passed. Going to a new home As I thought. Top number of bids in the auction. Because seller put essentially no reserve and let the bids do the marketing Looks like SunnySide is Up ……….for auction Solid name if your company offers moving or relocation services. Taken in 149 extensions Way better than the last resort No reserve on this one. Four figures easy

Godaddy Domains With Bids Could sell spices, could sell cannabis the bids are for the old site history but such a great memorable name. This is how you save money and make a memorable brand Taken in 26 extensions. Chicago has a great sport social club that has leagues and then everyone goes to drink after top tier letters. H for holdings Old site that had exactly what you thought it had When two NFT brands mate Because you know they’re come to an NFT near you When you need code to go off based on a calendar If only people could spell endeavor Own a city in Iowa 5L taken in 44 extensions Like to see another kitty here Texas Sounds like a dating app Should put this outside my house on Halloween. I like kids but dislike the inconsistency at which they come to the door Taken in 15 extensions and 20 years old Illustration and design I love a chef that knows how to cook up the bees “We deal in only Fair Trade products” Upgrade for a few brewers with this name using extended names

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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