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Vitol Holdings B.V. launches WIPO against Investment Trading Company –

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Vitol Holdings B.V. is a Dutch energy and commodity trading company that was founded in Rotterdam in 1966 by Henk Viëtor and Jacques Detiger.

The company today has filed a WIPO dispute WIPO Case number D2021-3404 against a Hungary-based investment trading platform that registered the domain name on the 8th of August 2021 and has subsequently launched a website to promote their services in the Crypto space.

Taken from their website

VitolFinance Limited is a registered company in Hungary. Our main purpose is too build a secure investment platform. We are expert in Forex, Crypto-currency, Share Market, bonds etc trading. We generate a huge amount of profit every day. We are wanted to expend our business throughout the world. For that, we build this platform for everyone who want to earn money by investment.

The current WIPO dispute is live and may take some time before we see an outcome but would you confuse these two businesses?

While they both trade commodities Vitol B.V. is a well-established player in many other markets, view their website here to see vs visiting VitolFinance Limited and the disputed website the two are very different however I assume Vitol B.V. shall be claiming some passing off and confusion as the company contains the word “Vitol”.

Vitol Holdings B.V. did win a WIPO earlier this year in a UK GTLD .ltd for a similar term

I’ll keep you updated on this one as the outcome is announced in the future and thanks for stopping by

Vitol D2021-3404

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