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Are you not entertained?

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As we are coming down the homestretch on 2021, the discussion of domain names and reporting on domain names is now two decades old. From Rick’s Board back in 2000, to the original Afternic discussion boards, DNForum, Namepros and DomainState. to the many blogs that have come online over the past 17 years.

The domain community is certainly fractured these days, from people who spend the majority of their domaining time on Namepros to those who avoid forums like the plague and interact on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and over the past year Discord. Others choose not to engage and just read blogs and listen to podcasts and listen in on Clubhouse.

This is a post I was planning to write awhile back after conversations with a few friends. One who said he was tiring of domaining because it was monotonous. In on email he wrote: “.com is king, new g’s suck and HugeDomains wins every GoDaddy auction that’s domaining for the past five years!!! It’s boring as F**K!!!”

The truth of the matter is domaining is not very exciting, it’s exciting when you are making sales. Otherwise it can be a lonely, tedious, repetitive stew of blah, blah, blah.

Unlike many activities or hobbies if you like, (there have been polls show many domain investors consider themselves hobbyists). You cannot touch your domain names, show them off to friends and the world like say an NFT. You have to renew them unlike most other collectibles which only need a one time payment.

I ran a couple polls to try to get to the heart of why people come to Namepros and what their level of success/participation as a domain investor stands?

Only 35% of voters either are full time or part time with sizable income. The other 65% are making some fun money, losing money or are coming to socialize as Namerpos is their bridge or book club.

Poll took place in 2019

Are you not entertained?

Another longtime friend in the business will text me at all hours of the night laughing at or complaining about some foolishness he read.

I always reply back, “Are you not entertained?” This is the business you have chosen, you will read a lot of outrageous stuff.

So the question now is what are you interested in domaining wise? What do you want to hear more about and less about?

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