Sunday , March 26 2023

Comment on Namepros has a new look by MapleDots

Namepros simply upgrated to the new xenforo software which brings it inline with a more modern look and feel and probably ends some of the old customization’s they have been using. So if you compare them to you will notice the software is now much more similar and even though both forums will be using customized addons the underpinnings will be very similar.

It had to happen because namepros has been running on a customized outdated version of xenforo for a long time and eventually they would have lost out on all the new stuff xenforo is bringing out. Now with the new update in place namepros can take advantage of the new features.

So probably a smart move on their behalf, especially because it creates a sense of familiarity from users accustomed to the xenforo software on other forums.

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