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This NFT company is using a great domain

Dapper Labs uses to promote its Flow blockchain.

Image of NBA Top Shots cards

The creator of NBA TopShot uses the domain name

This year, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have prospered as both investors and brands get to grips with a new kind of digital asset that has resulted in CryptoPunks and a Bored Apes crossing over into the mainstream.

Statistics reflect the prosperity. In September 2021, the total sales volume of NFTs was $774 million, up from just $25 million in May 2021.

Naturally, venture capital money has flowed into NFTs. The likes of Sorare and Opensea have benefited to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each.

Where money goes, domain names aren’t far behind. The boom has seen valuable domains acquired for NFT projects.

One such domain name is This ultra-premium domain is being used to promote Flow, a blockchain built to support gaming apps and NFTs.

The story of Flow began in 2017 when its developers, Dapper Labs, brought the Ethereum blockchain to a halt due to congestion after the company’s launch of CryptoKitties, one of the first NFT projects.

Instead of waiting for Ethereum to improve, Dapper Labs created Flow. Both Flow and Dapper Labs have had success this year.

Dapper Labs has raised $555 million in funding this year and created NBA Top Shots, which are digital representations of NBA players and moments. Of course, NBA Top Shots operates on Flow.

To promote Flow to a wider audience of NFT enthusiasts, the company recently offered free electric car rides for attendees of NFT NYC, an NFT conference.

The gimmick attracted plenty of attention and Twitter was flooded with mentions of Flow.

The tweet shows an image of one of the Flow cars at NFT NYC. You’ll notice that is prominently displayed. (You might also notice that the conference uses the domain NFT.NYC.)

Dapper Labs acquired in May 2021 from Nidecker Group, a Swiss snowboarding company that used the domain for its Flow brand.

The price Dapper Labs paid for hasn’t been disclosed, but you can figure it was at least a six-figure transaction.

Since purchasing, Dapper Labs has put the name to use publicizing its Flow blockchain.

Offline marketing for a digital product can be difficult to get right, but Dapper Labs seems to have pulled off a masterful marketing campaign.

As is often the case, at the heart of a marketing campaign is a domain name. In this case, it’s an ultra-premium domain that is truly memorable and immediately legitimizes the product.

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