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Newfold Digital reports aftermarket sales for October

Company’s platforms sold 127 domains for $2,000 or more.

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Newfold Digital, which owns NameJet and SnapNames, has released sales data for October 2021.

The company reports that it sold 127 domains for $2,000 or more, totaling $590,000. This does not include sales below $2,000.

The top sale of the month was eCigarette .com. This term was very popular many years ago, although the term vaping seems to have overtaken it.

I don’t see many screaming deals on the list, although oems.com (original equipment manufacturers) is a solid name at $14,444. Also, note oss.io at $8,761. It was previously used as a community for developers as short for “open source software,” but it’s also a common initialism for “operations support system.”

Here’s the full list of sales over  $2,000.

ecigarette.com SnapNames Deleting 39778
homeify.com SnapNames Broker/Escrow 28000
apol.com SnapNames Expiring 25499
oems.com Namejet Expiring 14444
laborers.com Namejet Expiring 13623
projectliberty.org Namejet Expiring 10501
irecall.com SnapNames Expiring 10500
ecriture.com SnapNames Deleting 10249
wholesalebedding.com Namejet Expiry 9999
voba.com Namejet Deleting 9888
powerservices.com SnapNames Expiring 9551
aleron.com SnapNames Expiring 9287
oss.io Namejet Deleting 8761
chattel.com SnapNames Expiring 8012
nexsys.com SnapNames Expiring 7750
medicade.com SnapNames Expiring 6916
bitnova.com SnapNames Expiring 6850
vrco.com SnapNames Expiring 6756
electroncash.com SnapNames Expiring 6513
titantech.com SnapNames Expiring 5559
slua.com SnapNames Expiring 5550
pressurecooker.com Namejet Expiring 5300
cast.io SnapNames Deleting 5251
typy.com Namejet Expiry 5250
mbaschool.com SnapNames Deleting 5050
5a.cc Namejet Broker/Escrow 5001
ruralpovertyportal.org Namejet Expiring 4999
healthstory.com Namejet Expiring 4788
soth.com Namejet Expiring 4750
borna.com Namejet Expiring 4650
quicklab.com SnapNames Expiring 4603
vgen.com SnapNames Expiring 4600
cottonclub.com Namejet Expiring 4544
reedleyexponent.com Namejet Expiring 4500
becken.com SnapNames Expiring 4434
thedogcafela.com Namejet Expiring 4211
recraft.com SnapNames Expiring 4211
maniacworld.com Namejet Expiring 4200
xpresspay.com SnapNames Expiring 4140
maxter.com SnapNames Deleting 4044
platinumbank.com Namejet Expiring 4033
broadcasting.net Namejet Expiring 4023
mywc.com Namejet Deleting 4002
oneworldcommunications.com SnapNames Expiring 3988
smarttix.com SnapNames Expiring 3980
afthunderbirds.com Namejet Expiring 3851
betterprice.com SnapNames Expiring 3825
wwlaw.com SnapNames Expiring 3718
xviperonec.com SnapNames Deleting 3715
wallettoken.com Namejet Direct Lister 3700
blazingfast.com SnapNames Expiring 3679
gingerlily.com Namejet Expiring 3628
aerocentral.com SnapNames Expiring 3595
ovox.com Namejet Expiring 3557
drinkwine.com SnapNames Expiring 3556
firefly.net SnapNames Deleting 3556
teaway.com SnapNames Expiring 3547
freshpicked.com Namejet Expiring 3506
guildsmen.com SnapNames Expiring 3499
divisionthree.com SnapNames Expiring 3488
btcfaucet.com SnapNames Expiring 3423
sealtec.com SnapNames Deleting 3400
appsplayground.com Namejet Expiring 3387
databig.com Namejet Deleting 3320
acrylicaquariums.com SnapNames Expiring 3314
prorisk.com SnapNames Expiring 3300
sixtypercent.com SnapNames Expiring 3295
beerguide.com SnapNames Expiring 3250
domainnamesale.com Namejet Deleting 3200
zephyr.io SnapNames Deleting 3105
globio.com Namejet Expiring 3048
emotion.io SnapNames Deleting 3011
builderbuy.com SnapNames Expiring 2995
diavolezza.com SnapNames Expiring 2995
traveldreams.com SnapNames Expiring 2950
studiobox.com SnapNames Expiring 2901
a1.org Namejet Expiring 2900
vyker.com SnapNames Expiring 2895
kbab.com Namejet Expiring 2888
forevertexas.com SnapNames Expiring 2788
chn.net Namejet Expiring 2724
tombolo.com SnapNames Expiring 2700
oldblue.com Namejet Expiring 2679
nncc.org Namejet Expiring 2600
gonzalezconsulting.com SnapNames Expiring 2595
mtblack.com SnapNames Expiring 2595
korba.com Namejet Broker/Escrow 2555
cloudproject.com SnapNames Deleting 2549
upliftprogram.com SnapNames Expiring 2531
kirner.com SnapNames Expiring 2522
netint.com SnapNames Expiring 2503
pressurecookers.com Namejet Expiring 2500
asklava.com SnapNames Expiring 2499
coinarts.com SnapNames Expiring 2495
buildcash.com Namejet Deleting 2470
firstresort.com SnapNames Expiring 2450
binkie.com Namejet Expiring 2438
wyzard.com SnapNames Expiring 2438
codetest.com Namejet Deleting 2412
skene.com Namejet Expiring 2406
floorpads.com Namejet Expiring 2373
sevyn.com Namejet Expiring 2355
lonestarrealty.com SnapNames Expiring 2354
clabo.com SnapNames Deleting 2351
qtso.com Namejet Expiring 2350
professionalcoach.com Namejet Deleting 2304
jyrc.net SnapNames Deleting 2300
michaelspencer.com SnapNames Expiring 2300
snapanalytics.com SnapNames Deleting 2274
fiesta.net Namejet Expiring 2272
soundsmith.com Namejet Expiring 2272
neopharm.com Namejet Expiring 2255
casavida.com SnapNames Deleting 2205
credx.com Namejet Expiring 2200
gsystem.com Namejet Expiring 2200
moontree.com SnapNames Expiring 2200
metapays.com SnapNames Broker/Escrow 2195
mintconditions.com SnapNames Expiring 2188
pest.org Namejet Expiring 2153
kimpo.com SnapNames Deleting 2151
lilysblackboard.org Namejet Expiring 2150
roberthill.com SnapNames Expiring 2120
666111.com SnapNames Deleting 2112
ibfs.com SnapNames Deleting 2055
snacken.com SnapNames Deleting 2007
labell.com Namejet Deleting 2002
balloonbouquets.com Namejet Expiring 2001

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