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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, November 5th, 2021

I grew up with dogs.  But growing up with dogs is different than owning a dog as an adult. You don’t really have any responsibilities for them as a kid.  Maybe walk them, clean up a little poop.  Make sure they don’t destroy the house.  Simple things.  I couldn’t tell you who or if we trained any of them. I remember having them and having fun with them, but I don’t remember where their food was, how often they were fed, where they slept most nights.  A ton of details missing in my memories of raising a dog. 

When raising kids and trying to run a business the last thing I wanted to do was add more responsibility.  Dogs were for people without kids and lonely people that needed companionship or something to do.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Until you have a dog you don’t get it.  I always wondered why people treat their dogs nicer than other people.  I know now.  Your dog is your best friend. They literally never are mean to you and treat you like the number one person in their life.  So much that you give up vacations to exotic places because you’d rather not force them to board.  You kiss them on the mouth that has literally eaten something off the ground that you normally pick up with a 6 foot stick. You give them better medical care than your children.  You give them the first bite, even before yourself.  You clip coupons to save $3 on cheese only to spend $12 every few days on some new toy that they might like. You love them, and they love you unconditionally.  Other than your Mother, that’s a love that can not be duplicated. 

Kelsey at Country Arbors gave me Franklin.  Our silver lab. It turned out to be the single greatest gift my wife and I have ever been given.  One year in, it’s put more smiles into our home than we ever thought we could have after our daughter went to school.  It gave my wife a best friend to keep her company when she works from home.  It made us new friends as we walk and people feel more comfortable coming and saying hello. Stacey (my wife) and I have always been best friends but Franklin made us even closer which I didn’t think was possible.  One dog, a simple unexpected gift that we originally looked at as more responsibility.  He is a lot of work but if all work had this much payback we’d never have a need for unemployment checks.

So add me to team dog (I’m still on team cat).  I just got a kennel to give Franklin (my dog) a safe space at the nursery so you’re going to get to meet him soon.  He’s a little jumpy and crazy but we’re learning. He’s a beautiful dog who loves to lean up against you and be petted.  He loves people. Just a little too much right now.  But the world always needs a little too much love. 

Domain of the Day: Swamp Instagrams. Trade for Eth

FEATURED DOMAIN: The perfect name for comparing which new phone you want

Quote of the Day: You can usually tell a man is good if he has a dog that loves him”. -Bruce Cameron

Click on any of the links to see current price Names at Auction What the Internet is buzzing about It’s always been about creation. Content and Utility Yes domains were the first digital assets. Now there are lots of categories Animal.anyextension is a good start Another one word dot gg. The only kind I would buy

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction Launch Finance. I haven’t checked in to see if dot fi is picking up speed Met reserve so going to a new home soon at $70 and people will pay $100 for any shitty meta name Has several bids. Meta on any tld worth $3K plus Lots of Katies in Germany too Even the two s gass has 95 extensions taken positive name 1997 domain and taken in 15 extensions International

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Godaddy Domains With Bids On one hand I love seeing horticulture name getting great bids but they used to be cheap and all mine. Everyone wants them now Online medical and that’s enough to get her done I’ll take a 5L this good under $300 any day I’m long any power name if the price is right Same with energy name. Easy logo Somebody register a couple of these and let them all go Really relevant term in today’s market of NFTs If I’m California and I do concrete I would want this as my name Sounds like a marketing company Coming for the history and the links. Coming for the bad ass name that’s perfect for development and creation Not as good as EcoRoots Taken in 15 extensions. And 5L. That’s good enough I literally do but I’m still going to leave this one for you Alex: What are two things that are fun to make Kind of a mouthful but I get the point Cars are hot but funny how they’ve switched to modern sports and electric from the older cars Speaking of newer sports cars I for intelligence or International We still doing books? Exotic wood is sexy 18 high school kids paying $26 each

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids

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