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I woke this morning to have received an email from Francois at noted below. 

Sadly the hosting servers where is held have been compromised and potentially password data stolen.

Please update your email and password if using the same login details, protect your domain names. 

Francois does an amazing job at and I am sure he will resolve the issues quickly, here is the email below. 

We thank Francois massively for all he has done to support over the years on his platform

Here is the email we received this morning.

“I am sorry to inform you that the server hosting the database of has been compromised and hackers succeed to access user data.
We do not charge advertisers by credit card so none has been stolen.

What is important and urgent is to change your password on other services if you are using the same or similar password on your account.
On our side we have already closed the sign up and login pages to prevent unauthorized access to your account.
We should not open it again without previously resetting all passwords, ensuring that the security hole has been closed, and the site is audited by security experts so it does not happen again.
When done we will contact you again to reset your password for recover access to your account or simply close it.

I apologize for the inconvenience,


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