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Will omniverse be the next trend?


Metaverse has been one of the hottest topics in technology, business and domain names in 2021. Facebook rebranding their it’s corporate entity to Meta, has been a big reason for all the interest in meta related domain name registrations and sales.

The metaverse is great but what about the omniverse?

NatureNoon gives a quick breakdown:

Here’s the differences between a universe, multiverse, and omniverse:

The universe is all of space and time and its contents.

The multiverse is a hypothetical collection of multiple observable universes

The omniverse is a collection of every single universe, multiverse, metaverse.

Nvidia launched an open beta last year for the Omniverse. a virtual environment the company describes as a “metaverse” for engineers.

Their CEO Jensen Huang spoke a little about the difference between Metaverse and Omniverse last year in a piece on Venture Beat.

From the article:

Huang said Nvidia’s view of the metaverse is threefold. He said that with the Omniverse, different companies will create a version of a virtual world that will be their “metaverse.”

When it comes to domain names Omniverse is nowhere near as popular as Metaverse, neither is Omni vs Meta.

Metaverse is registered in 660 extensions according to DotDB.com. Omniverse registered in 297. Metaverse has sold in 9 extensions with Metaverse.org being the latest exact match sale. Omniverse in just two. Omniverse.org did sell this year for $4,399. It is now listed for sale at Uniregistry. Omniverse.com is also parked at Uniregistry.

It will be interesting to see if Omniverse picks up both in discussion and domain name registrations and sales. I am not sure, the ubiquity of Facebook may just keep meta/metaverse in the mainstream and no one delves further into omniverse.

Disclaimer: Nothing written here should be taken as a recommendation to invest in domain names of any kind, domain investing is a speculative business and you should do a lot of research. The data is retrieved from what are believed to be reliable sources and is for information purposes only. The author of this post may buy or sell the niches mentioned here at any time wholesale or retail. (Currently the author owns a handful of omniverse related domain names with the total spend to acquire at less than $100)

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