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How to Fix the “No Data Found” Error at NameJet

For the last couple of weeks give or take, I have been unable to visit current auctions and closed auctions by clicking NameJet email links on my Chrome browser. When I click one of the auction links in an Auction Start or Outbid Notice email, here’s what the page looks like to me:

Clicking the auction link within a NameJet email should take me to the private auction page. Up until a couple of weeks ago, that is what has always happened. The “no data found” page I now land on combined with the “Log In” link instead of the “Welcome” link, makes it appear that I am not logged in to my account.

When I click on the “My Account” link on that page, it takes me to the logged-in version of the website without having to go through the login in process. This indicates that I am actually logged in to my NameJet account but something funky is happening that brings me to the unlogged version.

I am not sure what is causing the issue, but I figured out how to avoid it so I don’t have to click two additional links to get to the live auction page. Instead of clicking directly on the email link, I copy and paste it into my browser and make a small change to the url. I remove the “&” from the url. Here’s an example:



The auction ID is the auction number, which I replaced with ####### in the urls above.

When I remove the “&” from the url, I am taken directly to the auction page without having to go through the log-in process or click additional links to get to the page. The modified link also works for auctions that have concluded, showing me the completed auction page.

I looked back through my NameJet auction emails from many months ago, and it appears that “&” has always been included in the emails sent from NameJet. However, I do not recall it ever causing the “no data found” issue for me until recently.

Interestingly, when I use another browser like Safari, I do not have the same issue. I cleared my cache and cookies on my Chrome browser but that did not resolve the problem. I also tried to resolve the issue by logging on to my account from another computer and in incognito mode, but the issue remains.

It would be great if NameJet is able to resolve the underlying issue so I don’t have to modify links to visit auction pages.

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