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$133,240 USD in End User Sales from NamePull.com –

Domain Names Owned by Name Pull

Whois XML Api

Check out which endusers purchased these domain names from NamePull.com, We use our partner WhoisXMLApi.com to complete a bulk whois search of these recent domain name sales.

Total sales of these 30 Domain Names below were $133,240 USD, sales were completed in the past 90 days.

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Domain Name Sold Whois Registrant Registrant State Registrant Country Sale Price
addedhealth.com Oxford Lighthouse Oxfordshire UNITED KINGDOM USD 4,565.00
carbreezy.com Titus-Will Enterprises WA UNITED STATES USD 4,500.00
carhatch.com SQUADHELP Illinois UNITED STATES USD 2,949.00
coreanesthesia.com Haas IT Solutions Illinois UNITED STATES USD 3,300.00
checkred.com CheckRed LLC Texas UNITED STATES USD 4,799.00
dimensioncredit.com Dimension Credit Georgia UNITED STATES USD 3,000.00
cribcoin.com ConsumerDirect Mortgage, A Division of FirstBank Florida UNITED STATES USD 4,999.00
ethereumqueen.com Domaincracy Arizona UNITED STATES USD 2,250.00
gelmatrix.com Advanced Comfort Technologies, Inc. Utah UNITED STATES USD 2,999.00
gtx.io Category14 VIRGIN ISLANDS (U.S.) USD 3,499.00
giveearth.com GivePlease SINGAPORE USD 3,099.00
indexcap.com Index Capital Shanghai CHINA USD 4,450.00
infraredcloud.com Infrared Cameras, Inc. CA UNITED STATES USD 3,999.00
lifevalet.com NuWhirl Systems Corp California UNITED STATES USD 4,399.00
liquiditymarket.com Liquidity Capital Tel Aviv District ISRAEL USD 4,999.00
liveblocks.com Liveblocks Delaware UNITED STATES USD 4,500.00
minutelash.com Glad Lash Inc CA UNITED STATES USD 2,888.00
mechconnect.com Mechatronics Inc. WA UNITED STATES USD 3,899.00
nextbasket.com Metatron Investing ?????-???? BULGARIA USD 3,999.00
podpros.com PodPros Florida UNITED STATES USD 3,422.00
positiveparcel.com Relevant Mix limited UNITED KINGDOM USD 1,000.00
remotemeta.com OPH BV Provincie Noord-Holland NETHERLANDS USD 4,999.00
romahealth.com Elpidatec Texas UNITED STATES USD 4,999.00
slotsmatrix.com Everymatrix Software Limited Malta MALTA USD 3,999.00
spartanchain.com Wealth Accelerators Nevada UNITED STATES USD 3,400.00
stickervault.com Mckinster Inc. NV UNITED STATES USD 2,249.00
tradesumo.com Sumo Capital LLC Illinois UNITED STATES USD 9,405.00
swipecredit.com Bodies By J Georgia UNITED STATES USD 7,900.00

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