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22 end user domain sales up to $47,000

A payments company, a workplace app, and an online course creator bought domain names.

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It’s interesting to see when a company swoops in and buys multiple related domains. With Sedo, this sometimes happens over weeks ormonths. But this week, one company bought four related domains on the marketplace.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $47,000 – This domain wasn’t in the weekly Sedo list, probably because it happened after the cutoff. Last month I wrote about lending company Lendly, LLC buying for $4,500. The company was using  At this point, I can’t definitively say that the same company bought the domain, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t. Interestingly, both and were used by the same company many years ago. $15,000 – This is an interesting one. It appears the buyer picked it up as a typo of crypto or plans to rebrand one of its businesses. Graham Ventures, Inc. forwards the domain to its domain, which it uses for a payment processing business. $15,000 – Whois shows the buyer is EBG in Florida. A building company in Florida uses the initialism EBG, but the buyer could be someone else. $12,500 – Fit For Service appears to be some sort of self-improvement system or course. Here’s how it describes it: “Fit For Service is a curated fellowship with some of the world’s top coaches and experts, specifically designed to help you become physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, romantically and spiritually fit to be in service of the good of all. ” €10,000 and EUR 8,000 – Commerce Schweiz gmbh is an IT consulting shop. $8,500, Kleiderschrä €3,500, €3,500, and €3,000 – This word is German for wardrobe. goodsforbusinss GmbH provides products such as mannequins, clothing racks, etc. to businesses. $6,495 – Jenny Weaver Capital, an M&A advisory firm, bought this domain. I’m not sure what it’s for. $5,000 – The Heritage Group is a trucking, environmental cleanup, and logistics firm. I’m not sure how it will use this domain. $5,000  – The buyer is associated with Moorefarms Of Skippers Llc, which appears to be an agricultural firm. $5,000 – Sona is a workplace app for employees that don’t use a desk. $4,299 – Hype Free is an online course about crypto and Web3.

MedicalHealthNews .net $4,150  – This is a site about supplements. $3,500 – Shop Israel sells an eclectic mix of goods related to Israel. $3,247 – Solar Ruhr GmbH is a solar power company in Germany. €2,990  – This domain has a coming soon page with a logo for Parfait. €2220  – Just Hospitality Group Ltd provides services to hospitality recruiting companies. Tradie is a term for tradespeople with specialized skills, such as plumbers and electricians. $2,199 – Cognitive Brain Imaging in Missouri bought this domain. Neur is probably short for neurology. €2,000  – Marcell Hess is a corporate speaker.

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