Thursday , June 8 2023

Is the Best Cryptocurrency Domain Name?

In 2018, the domain name was reportedly acquired for $12 million. Perhaps because the sale price was never confirmed, it was not added to the DNJournal sales archive for 2018, where it would have ranked at the top of the chart. Since that time, has become a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency with “a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.”

It appears that is looking to turn itself into a well-known, mainstream cryptocurrency brand. I’ve noticed a big increase in television for over the last several weeks. Yesterday, it was announced that purchased the naming rights for the Los Angeles, California arena that has been known as the Staples Center since its opening in 1999:

According to the article, is paying $700 million for a 20 year deal. The arena is home to the NBA’s Los Angels Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers as well as the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. In addition, it plays host to many concerts and other events each year. Once the name change is finalized in December, it will be become ubiquitous with Los Angeles sporting events and concerts.

In addition to the mainstream exposure to cryptocurrency, it is also notable that uses its .com extension in its branding. I have heard the argument by some that .com is “passé” or some other term to indicate it is dated or no longer popular. In my opinion, needs to use its full domain name in branding because Crypto would be too generic. In addition, I believe there is still an added level of trust with .com in branding. This is particularly important with a little-known financial services company.

I am curious if you think is the most valuable cryptocurrency domain name. I have seen many great domain names sell for large amounts because of their relationship with crypto companies, but would have to be in the running for the best cryptocurrency domain name.

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