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A quick chat with the Queen of .xyz on her 2021 sales, outbound and more

Swetha .xyz

Q1) It was July of 2020 when I first interviewed you, back then you said you had 13000 domains, Among them 90% are .xyz. Can you tell us what that number is today?

Swetha) I have around 19K .xyz domains and I have been renewing all except a few 100.

Q2) You have certainly had an incredible year when it comes to domain name sales, one of the best on record. It’s especially so impressive to me that it’s happened with an extension so many domain investors have shunned. What are your thoughts on your 2021 sales success?

Swetha) I have been buying and selling .xyz domains since 2015. I have been reporting sales since then. But nobody cares except a few. Some investors were trying to bash me.I didn’t care about their words, I was just focused on building my portfolio. I knew, there isn’t any difference between a .com and a .xyz.

Only the former was the older. That’s it. XYZ named itself for versatile use, I mean not in particular to one segment.

Why would someone have to spend millions when an exact keyword is going for 5% or 10% of its price. Obviously, buyers would find the truth sooner or later.

It’s certainly an incredible year. I think I have crossed around 800K in .xyz sales this year which is a record for me. I hope I will do better next year too.

Q3) It seems crypto, blockchain type companies have had no problems paying good money for .xyz domain names. Any other industries or niches you see adopting .xyz in the future?

Swetha) It appears to be Blockchain companies if we checked the recent sales. But I could see their use is unlimited. Apart from Blockchain companies, some are using for their personal websites, VR, Finance, Real Estate and more.

Q4) The Metaverse, NFTs and ETH have been big keyword plays in 2021, have you been doing anything in these niches?

Swetha) I used to have Metaverse, Ethereum and Ether in .xyz extension. They were undersold long ago. Basically, I would consider all the industry niches. They may stay longer or not.

I never tried to grab as many as I could when a keyword got crazy. I just focus on what are today’s drops and which are best among them, whatever the niche.

Q5) Are you starting to delve into other extensions with some of your .xyz profits?

Swetha) No. I am trying to build a solid .xyz portfolio out of its profits.

Q6) I remember you telling me you don’t do outbound, but some like to insist that you do because they cannot believe your sales success. Can you set the record straight on whether you do outbound sales or not?

Swetha) I never ever did outbound or will do outbound. I felt outbound was like compelling buyers to buy. I can say the future is .xyz. I don’t think I would ever need to outbound.

Thanks a lot Raymond.

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