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BankOfLondon.com sells for $50,000 USD – Robbie’s Blog online since 2011

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The domain name BankOfLondon.com has been sold on Sedo.com for $50,000 USD

The domain name BankOfLondon.com has been registered since 27th of May 1998, 23 years old and appears to have been parked for at least the past decade.

The last known owner of BankOfLondon.com according to Whois records is Los Angeles News Inc, based in Malibu California.

Los Angeles News Inc has 14,000 domain names in there portfolio other domain names owned by them include YouBad.com, SeaWeather.com, ChicagoRealty.com and a ton of typo / adult domains.

At the time of writing the new owners of BankOfLondon.com has not been confirmed with it pending Whois transfer from Sedo.com

Congratulations to both the buyer and seller on this nice $50,000 USD Domain Sale.

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