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35 x Trucking Domains Formally Owned by Crete Carrier Corporation Dropped –

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How’s your Sunday been? We got our first snowfall today, it wasn’t much around an inch fell early this morning and it’s pretty much gone now but the kids loved it and really got us all into the holiday spirit today.

I was checking the drops and noticed a portfolio of Trucking Jobs + State Dot Com Drops, these domain names were all registered since 2009 and were owned by Crete Carrier Corporation who has or should I say had over 200+ Trucking related domain names in their portfolio.

Who is Crete Carrier Corporation?

According to their own website about us – “Crete Carrier Corporation has grown into a transporter of virtually any product and operates more than 5,000 tractors and over 13,000 trailers throughout the continental United States. While this makes us one of the largest trucking companies in the world.”

Interesting to see why one of the largest trucking companies in the world has chosen to drop so many domain names at once, when you visit their website they are actively recruiting truck drivers…

I still need to check the status of the other 160+ domains to understand if everything has dropped that they once owned or just a selection?

The CPC on some of these terms is pretty high with trucking vacancies being at an all-time high across the world…

The Top 3 from a CPC aspect are ($25.21 USD CPC) ($21.16 USD CPC) & ($20.63 USD CPC)

Happy Hunting Everyone – Domains were available at the time of publishing, please click through to check live availability on the list of Trucking Job Domains below.

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