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20 Year Old Expires –

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The domain name, was first created on the 4th of November 2001 and has recently expired and has hit the auction block over at

Interesting facts about, it was once owned by Netcorp LLC aka legendary domain name investor Gary Chernoff, Then in 2016 the domain name went into privacy and I suspect it was sold at this time, The servers at that point changed to pointed over to NS1 / NS2 –, who after looking into them can see the actual owners were Elite Domains Group.

Then later in 2016, the domain name finds its way into the GoDaddy NameFind portfolio which ties in with the acquisitions that were published previously about GoDaddy acquiring the Elite Domains Group portfolio, reportedly for $42 Million Dollars.

Then in 2017 another domain name investor Oliver Hogan of Virtual Real Estate Limited acquires the domain name, possibly on for $17,188 USD according to this published sale, and then he must have subsequently sold it onto SAIDUL CHOWDHURY its current owner CLUTTER MEDIA LTD of New York with the sale not disclosed…

The domain name is owned by CLUTTER MEDIA LTD of New York, to the best of our knowledge so I expect this could be an oversight from the owners and we might find out that it gets renewed before the auction concludes.

Other domain names owned by CLUTTER MEDIA LTD are,,,,,, and hundreds more…

GoDaddy estimates that is worth $23,000+ USD, would you agree?

Do you think will drop or be renewed?

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