Tuesday , March 21 2023

Paradise Trippies NFT Launches on Paradise.com

An NFT project called Paradise Trippies was recently launched using the Paradise.com domain name. Among the team members behind the project are longtime domain investors Andy Booth, Shane Cultra, and James Booth. In addition to the exceptional domain name, the project is also using the valuable @connect Twitter handle. There will be a total of 10,000 unique NFTs available.

Paradise Trippies began its private minting phase earlier in the week. From what I can tell on Twitter, there were quite a few opportunities for people to sign up for the opportunity to participate in the early minting phase. The public minting phase, which is open to everyone else, begins today:

Once this phase concludes, all of the art will be revealed. According to the website, the “collection comprises 14 different core creatures and 6 specials. The characters have been split in half, good and bad, to represent both sides of the trippy experience.” In addition to the great Paradise.com domain name, I think the art that has bee revealed so far is excellent.

NFTs from this project can be bought and sold on the OpenSea platform. Paradise Trippies are minted on the Etherium blockchain.

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