Wednesday , March 22 2023

Grain Upgrades to |

Last week, I noticed that had transferred from Tucows to GoDaddy, and the domain name is now registered using GoDaddy’s Whois privacy service. The previous owner of was Digimedia, a company that owns a portfolio of exceptional domain name assets.

When I saw the domain transfer and registrant change in my DomainTools Domain Monitor alert email, I tweeted about the sale and guessed who might have acquired

It looks like I was wrong. This morning, I noticed that is now forwarding to Grain.CO. Grain is a startup that “enables users to record, transcribe, and highlight their zoom calls in real time.” According to Crunchbase, Grain has raised $4 million in funding. Given this important (and likely expensive) acquisition, I would not be surprised if Grain has raised additional funding that was not reported.

I reached out to Digimedia to see if the company would comment about the sale price of Based on previous Digimedia sales I uncovered, I am almost positive the company will not offer any comment about the sale price or terms. My guess is that the domain name was valued into the seven figures, and I would not be surprised if there was an equity stake involved. Given the private nature of both companies, I doubt we will ever know the price or terms.

Acquiring was a smart move for Grain. would be an upgrade for quite a few companies, and I think it is particularly helpful for the .CO registrant to acquire this asset to help reduce confusion that may have existed for direct navigation and email deliverability.

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